Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEWater visit)

Q1:What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s visit?

A1:1)Water is vital and essential in our daily lives
2)Singapore had to come up with other ways of obtaining water besides using reservoirs, that have a fluctuating supply of water due to the weather.
3)Newater is a great success that through complicated technology, managed to recycle used water.

Q2:Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today during the visit.

A2:I've learnt about ultra-filtration & micro-filtration that seperate harmful substances from the water.

Q3:What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?

A3:Viruses & bacteria are so much bigger than water molecules that it is impossible for them to get through the micro-filter.

Q4:What are the things that you can do to help with water conservation in Singapore?

A4:I can avoid wasting water as much as possible and do things that minimise water usage.