Monday, June 28, 2010

Understanding the Elderly Challenge (P1)

1) The 4 key recommendations are: a. Housing for Seniors, b. Accessibility for Seniors, c. Caring for Seniors and d. Opportunities for Seniors.

a. The HDB sold flats with elderly-friendly facilities and tools, like toilet grab bars and non-slip tiles. Also, ramps were constructed to allow movement of the elderly to other flats or recreational areas. For housing options, 2-room apartments were made for smaller homes and there were more rental options for seniors preferring to rent an apartment.

b. The architects designed buildings made specially for the elderly's convenience. Also, lifts were constructed at every level of the flat for the elderly to use. For transportation systems, more low-floor, free-step buses are used for the elderly to easily enter into the bus.

c. Many more elderly people got cared for by the services. There was an increase in the number of licensed beds increased in nursing and sheltered homes. A long-term care insurance scheme was introduced to support money needed for people with severe disabilities.

d. Through public education, they were taught to change their negative attitudes or perceptions towards ageing and the elderly. The seniors lived more active lifestyles and the percentage of the elderly who lead an active life increased considerably.

2) The CAI recommended to vary the length of land leases. Shorter land leases will facilitate the development of retirement housing by the private sector. These offer dedicated lifestyle facilities to meet the needs of seniors who have greater expectations for higher quality housing. Varying housing size and types will give the elderly more choices.

3)1.Top up Medisave accounts of less well-off Singaporeans when there are budget surpluses that the Government can share with the people. This will help defray healthcare costs as Singaporeans depend on Medisave to meet healthcare needs in their old age.
2.� FaFamily physicians should play an important role in the management of healthcare needs for seniors.Follow-up by a dedicated family physician within close proximity to the client will ensure that seniors’ multiple needs will be comprehensively and holistically taken care of.

4) 1.I can be respectful towards the elderly, by giving way to them or letting them have convenience( seats).
2. I can give public awareness on this issue by posting info on blogs, Youtube, etc.
3.I can check facilities, and see how convenient or inconvenient they are to the elderly.