Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Product designs (1) Pros & Cons

1) Banana-coloured dish rack (v1)
· Portable makes movement convenient
· Colour attracts elderly along with pictures promoting healthy lifestyles
· Can rotate 360 degrees
· Elderly can afford it as price is low
· Dish-managing is improved

· Lightweight and strong material is unknown
· Price might be hard to reduce
· Can topple over (if one side is without dishes and disturbs the balance of weight) and injure the elderly

2) Skoon (v1)
· Assist the elderly in scooping food with tip
· Handle more usable for elderly
· Also have bright colours and educate elderly with pictures promoting heathy lifestyles

· Cost cannot be guaranteed cheap
· Tip might injure elderly

Product Designs (1)

Here are two products that are elderly-friendly and enticing to the elderly to live a healthy lifestyle.

1) The banana-coloured dish rack (v1)

This is dish rack designed to be portable and strong (fragile) .
· Has a stand that can be rotated 360 degrees
· Has a grille where a washed dish can be easily fitted onto
· Has a bright attractive colour
· Has many grilles for many dishes
· Made of lightweight and strong material
· Supposed to sell at low prices

2) The 'skoon' (v1)
· Has a large handle to enable grip of the elderly's weak, non-dexterous hands
· Has a small tip to assist in scooping food
· Also colourful